Photo: Tati Wexler (MdC Retreat 2023)

Photo: Wil Grift 2018


Circle-based music workshops to
teams and communities.

I offer sessions (workshops) and consultations using tools including:

  • Brazilian Música do Círculo Methodology
  • Circlesongs developed by Bobby McFerrin
  • Body Percussion + Rhythm Games
  • Improvisation
  • Movement
  • Cooperative Play
  • Non-Verbal Communication

The core of Body Grooves’ practice is rooted in the spirit of Música do Círculo aka MdC which I have fallen in love with since beginning my studies in January 2022. Since then I’ve travelled to Brazil three times to finish my leader’s training and to continue my learning and engagement with this wonderful work. MdC investigates how music affects relations between people and how relations between people affects music. 

We learn to listen, to connect, to be embodied while making music with others. Its low/no tech and non-verbal nature makes it really accessible and effective across cultural, economic and language differences.


A Little more background on my work & studies

I have been a professional musician, songwriter, educator and facilitator for 25 years which allows me to bring a wealth of other experiences and skillsets to the Body Grooves mix. 

  • I studied jazz vocals & arranging at Humber College
  • Vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, having performed all over the globe
  • Vocal technique & performance coach 
  • Choir arranger and music director of Guelph Glee (7 years)
  • Songwriter and music producer
  • Professional theatre performer, acting classes with Sears & Switzer
  • Arts-based facilitation training with PYE, Art Not Shame and Nadia Cheney
  • Ensemble leader at Wilfrid Laurier University, ongoing guest lecturer
  • Studies in body percussion, TaKeTiNa & pedagogical rhythmic games
  • Adjudicator for vocal festivals, competitions and U of Guelph's vocal juries
  • "So You Think You Can Jam" youth rock/pop band ensemble founder/director
  • Youth music camp designer and leader 

Working with Kichi Zībī Zībī Mīkan's Secondary School's choir. 

If you seek to expand your creative capacity, enhance your therapeutic presence or simply to have a fantastic time in community, book Joni (and invite me to come along, please!). Thank you, Joni, for your remarkable talent - I eagerly await the first opportunity to study under you again. ” - Jody Boston Therapeutic Clown, Educator, Community Artist

January 2023 w/ Música do Círculo

Body Grooves Clients:

  • University of Guelph (Community Engaged Learning)
  • Wilfrid Laurer University (Music Therapy & Community Music)
  • Red Nose Remedy Therapeutic Clowns
  • Muskoka Parry Sound Sexual Assault Services
  • Belmont Village Festival
  • Adventure4Change
  • Toronto Public Libraries
  • Kitchener Public Libraries
  • Art Not Shame, Guelph non-profit

What benefits would a Body Grooves session bring to your Organization/Gathering?